Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Natural Antibiotics and Natural Cancer Killers

Recently research has shown that whole of the world is moving toward natural treatment because now people are getting awareness of natural antibiotics that they are more successful than medical treatment and people can cheaply and easily prevent themselves with not only aging, but with any serious disease or wound. Here are some effective antibiotic and a brief description that how they work.

Garlic & Onions

These both are very powerful antibiotics as they contain antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal elements. Garlic works similarly as penicillin because garlic naturally contains allicin compound. On the other hand, onion has python-nutrient which helps a person to make his/her body free from radicals, whereas garlic cleanses microbes inside the body. Most of the people do not like garlic smell or taste so they can take garlic tablets, which are easily available in markets.

Hydrogen Peroxide (Food Grade)

One of the top most advantages of this antibiotic is that it has the power to fight against cancer but as it is inexpensive antibiotic so most of the people underestimate its power. It is basically a water having more molecules of oxygen, which helps to remove bacteria, microbes, toxins and various viruses inside the body, but it is necessary that a person must use hydrogen peroxide (food grade).Besides this, it is also helpful to cure any kind of wound, sore or cut.

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Be careful while using it because if not used correctly it may burn body tissues.

Tea Tree Oil

This is another strong antimicrobial which is effective and expert in removing demodex mites, antibiotic-resistant MRSA (cutaneous), etc. But in some specific treatments it is used after being diluted so it’s better to consult before using this oil.

Ozonated Water

Ozone is similar to oxygen. Ozonated water has the power to remove microbes, pathogen, etc. such therapy are valuable for immune system and human health and this therapy is possible by ozone injection which is injected very slowly so that oxygen gets dissolved into the blood of patient.


Most of people do not know that vitamin C and E are antimicrobial and have the power to kill cancer. Whereas VITAMIN B2, B17 and zinc + pancreatic are other best anti cancer treatment and also beneficial while taking anti-demodex treatment.


Graviola is basically a supplement which is free from each side effect. And these supplements are used while doing chemotherapy to finish cancer cells.

Green Tea

Most of the people are familiar with green tea and usually drink but do not have awareness that it strongly acts against bacteria present inside mouth. It contains EGCG, which is helpful to kill bacteria as well as burn body fats.

Following above mentioned are natural antibiotics which can kill cancer in a natural way and also strongly effective than any medical treatments.

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