Monday, 7 April 2014

Mechanical Cleaning Of The Blackheads

Mechanical cleaning of the face of blackheads - Even on healthy skin sometimes appear comedones, they are also black spots associated with the violation of the sebaceous glands. To prevent their occurrence is possible, but if the acne is formed, then get rid of them can be only through cleansing.

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What is skin cleansing? This cosmetic procedure aimed at cleansing the pores of sebum, necessary for any type of skin. Without cleaning the probability of further development and subsequent negative processes in place comedones may form inflamed pimples. Mechanical cleansing frees pores best addition; it contributes to improving the complexion and skin generally. In this procedure, there is only one drawback: even with the most careful of her conduct, the skin retains some traces of the impact, because on the eve of important occasions cleaning better not to.

Although the general principle is similar to cleaning and a beauty salon and at home, it's better to spend a professional cosmetologist. This reduces the risk of scarring and the appearance of subsequent inflammation.

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Indications and contraindications for cleaning - Mechanical cleaning are recommended for acne, including acne and adolescence, as well as the holders of the skin with dilated pores, prone to fat. In this case, cleaning will help to prevent the appearance of acne vulgaris. But in some cases, make it strictly prohibited. Contraindications to the use of skin diseases are acute, superficial vascular network and vascular disease.

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