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7 Common Acne Mistakes

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When you have acne on your face, want to trash as soon as possible. Sometimes you try to pick it, but on the surface of skin you see lots of acne. You probably remember that “haste makes waste”. Damn! It is mistake you do. There are many mistakes you commit at whatever time you face acne problem. In this short article you are going to take a look at the mistakes which are committed.

1) Don’t Go for Sport Drinks

Sport drinks or energy drinks are in the red zone diet, they are often used after extremely physical activity. If you are not a part of this activity, you are not supposed to drink. Lots of people use these drinks as a fashion. Research reports that human stomach can’t digest or these drinks burst the meal in stomach that causes acne it also damages mesentery. Instead of these drinks you should drink lots of glasses of water in whole day.

2) Popping your Acne

You must write it down your notebook that popping acne is one of the central mistakes that your fair pores get the nasty bacteria taken away from popped acne. There is more drawback of popping acne that your skin is inflamed and you see redness on your face that makes your face more unattractive.

3) Touching your Face

It is in the habit of some people that since their adultery age they try to touch their hand on acne, but dirt and nasty bacterial oil from acne affects face surrounding. In front of someone, if you do this, it won’t sound good that he would dislike it.

4) Don’t Scrub your Face

If you scrub your face with towel after washing it, you will have rough skin. Try not scrubbing your face when you have acne on face. 

5) Excessively Washing Face

It is wastage of time to wash your face again and again in whole day. People think that washing face many times a day will give them glow and fair skin but they don’t have thought conclusion. You can wash your face with any beauty soap twice a day and in summer season it won’t harm if you can wash thrice a day.

6) Sleeping Late

Does it make you happy when you get sleep late night? If it makes you happy, you do a mistake and you should sleep as early as possible at night. Having no proper sleep can cause you lowering hormone problem which is why you face acne issue.

7) Not Consulting with Dermatologist

Some acne affected don’t take it serious when acne occurs on their skin due to commonness of this issue, they do late to visit dermatologist for the consultation. Remember! He/she is the one who suggests you something better and cures you as well. You should always take it serious if acne occurs.

Making mistakes like drinking energy drinks scrubbing face, popping acne, touching face when having acne, washing face too much, sleeping late as well as delaying to visit dermatologist are dangerous to your skin. Stay away from these.

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